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  • what are the pile driver equipments for excavator?

    what are the pile driver equipments for excavator?

    Pile foundation is currently in the construction of the most basic but also can not be ignored an important part. When the construction of relatively large industrial and civil buildings, if the foundation of the weak soil layer is thick, the use of shallow foundation can not meet the requirements of foundation strength and d


  • Columbus, Ohio Directional Drilling

    Columbus, Ohio Directional Drilling

    Here at ClearPath Utility Solutions, our directional drilling company provides our services across a variety of states and regions throughout the U.S. One particular area of focus for us is Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area, since we’re ...

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  • Frozen Soil Powered Auger Kit

    Frozen Soil Powered Auger Kit

    The AMS Frozen Soil Powered Auger Kit was designed to core through those dreaded frozen soil conditions. The Core Barrel Auger is equipped with carbide cutting teeth that are specifically designed to chew through tough frozen soil and pull relatively undisturbed cores inside the barrel. The inside diameter of the sampler is approx. 2in. The slot length on the core barrel allows you to grab ...