Acute toxicity testing

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Bioassays used for Detection of Ecotoxicity at Contaminated Areas

    Abstract : Ten bioassays were used for the evaluation of acute, (sub)chronic toxicity and genotoxicity of an unknown soil from a military base and six model soils that were contaminated at former military bases with the major pollutants : kerosene, petroleum and used motor oil. The test species represented algae and higher plants, invertebrates and bacteria. The ability to detect toxicants in ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Acute Daphnia Toxicity Test Kit

    Acute Daphnia Toxicity Test Kit

    The acute Daphnia magna toxicity test is intended for toxicity screening of chemicals, effluents, surface waters, wastewaters, groundwaters, sediment pore waters and elutriates. In Daphtoxkit F, you find all necessary materials to perform six acute 24-48h mobility inhibition tests with the freshwater crustacean Daphnia magna. The Daphnia immobilisation test is cost-effective, culture-independent, ...