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  • The Roman Road and the Yellow Caps

    Introduction: Beyond the undisputed historical importance of the discovery of the so called Roman road of Bentivoglio , I wanted to write this semi-serious story to highlight the human side and the events of these last recent years spent together with a group of people, or rather, FRIENDS, the volunteers of the archaeological volunteer association HYDRIA (association of which I am pleased to


  • Gold Detector 2020 With 9 advanced systems

    Gold Detector 2020 With 9 advanced systems

    Ajax Primero Gold Detector With 9 advanced systems for treasures DetectionMultiple functions in one device, Primero Gold Detector allows the user to use 9 advanced systems with accurate error-free performance to detect gold, treasures and metals ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Bi-Partite Gouge Auger

    Bi-Partite Gouge Auger

    This bi-partite gouge auger distinguishes itself from other gouges by the cylindrical tapered cutting head at the bottom side of the gouge that, when the auger is pushed into the soil, cuts a cylinder shaped piece from the soil. As a result the auger does not need to be revolved around its axis after being inserted, as the other gouge augers need to be (less sensitive to torsion). The tapered ...